Update #3 - 4 Apr 2011

This update provides information and resources on the preparatory work on the theme "Green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication" along with upcoming events.

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Update #2 - 4 Jan 2011

The UNCSD Secretariat has prepared two companion reports, namely, the Synthesis Report on Best Practices and Lessons Learned on the Objective and Themes of the Conference, and the SG?s Report: Objective and Themes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The first reflects questionnaire responses of member States and other key stakeholders, the second focuses on the two themes and how they can help accelerate progress on the sustainable development agenda.

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Update #1 - 8 Oct 2010

1. Documentation for UNCSD

Three documents are currently being prepared before year?s end:
One for the 1st Intersessional: Synthesis report on experiences, successes, gaps, risks and opportunities, based on questionnaires circulated to Member States, Major Groups and UN agencies; Questionnaires can be found at:
Synthesis Report Data

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