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Expert Group Meeting on Enhancing Sustainability of Conferences and Conference-related Travel
23 Mar 2012 - 23 Mar 2012
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Room E, Temp. North Lawn Building

Every year, some 80 million people around the world attend (international) meetings and conferences, and even more attend trade shows or exhibitions. Meetings and conferences provide unique opportunities for communication, interaction and collaborative decision making. They generate
important economic activity and make significant contributions to employment
and social progress. However, large conference events also increasingly
give reason to environmental concerns, in particular with regard to wasteful
resource consumption, as well as emissions generated by conference related travel activity.

The Expert Group Meeting will give an overview of selected best practice examples of
past sustainable conferences; present and discuss recent approaches to enhance sustainability of
conference logistics (including waste management, temporary structures, etc); identify and
present key elements that can make conferences more sustainable.

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