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Ref: Invitation to the launch event MEDELLIN RIO.

Currently, cities have had to reorient its interventions towards the search to recover the balance between man and nature.
Governments around the world looking for viable alternatives that lead to solutions that lead to minimize the impact that our activities and interventions generated on the environment.
Today the urban centers to a greater or lesser degree nodes have become generators of pollution, energy consumption, and unfortunately the decisions that are understood as development paradoxically, lead to maximize ecosystem imbalances and widening the gap MAN - NATURE.
20 years ago we were lucky to make a stop along the way, the Great Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, opened the stage for the world to rethink how we are interconnected with nature and its components. With higher or lower achievement today the issue ceased to be an "innovation" is a reality of climate change and the ecological disaster that looms ceased to be a prediction or a prospective, to become a reality.
Nature has shown that its carrying capacity has been overwhelmed and unless urgent action conversion, cities tend to collapse.

RIO +20 is not only a world conference, is a window and opportunity to seek alternative livelihoods. It is an invitation to redirect the development of cities and regions to mitigate and adapt to the changes that the environment is forcing on us. Today we have a significant opportunity in this call for United Nations.
In this context, MEDELLIN - RIO is an invitation to join to save the planet, to reach a compromise with the city, region and country, to constitute ourselves into an icon for Latin America. It's a scenario you are looking to bet on a sustainable future in all dimensions.
MEDELLIN - RIO is a commitment from the city and region to the world, is a covenant of the whole society to research ethics and fairness in all and each of our actions. It is a declaration of peace between individuals and between these and the environment.
To do this we extend a special invitation to the big event of the launch of MEDELLIN - RIO on June 21 this year at 5:00 pm at the Convention Center Plaza Mayor, where we met and connected simultaneously with the RIO +20 Summit, taking very seriously the commitment to the sustainability of the city and region.
MEDELLIN - RIO will be a space of reflection to think that we should reorient the processes of planning, urban design, technological solutions, energy systems, economic structures, consumption patterns, architectural responses and other aspects that relate to the development of the city and region.
So we've convened a group of internationally recognized experts, who will address various topics related to the purposes referred to in the month of October this year, joined guidelines seek to reorient our actions.
It is very important to have your presence. MEDELLIN-RIO is an alliance between man and nature, which makes essential part of social responsibility to our environment.
In this scenario Medellin has been implementing strategies pioneered in the national policies which tend to strengthen public-private sector-backed and society in general-that encourage development in sustainability practices and principles, as has been established Rio Protocol
The balance of the 20 years since the signing of it, is an opportunity to open the world experience and aims to move to Medellin and the surrounding region for the future and embrace the experiences of the international community in this field.
We invite you to support this initiative to the safety of commitment each of us with this region. It's build together a new development model able to summon all stakeholders, supported on a fundamental vector: Environment, as the guiding principle integrated city-region development.
Is to build a collective project to adopt new patterns of production, processing, lifestyle, changing the ecosystem relation-culture-economy, to a civic renewal.Bogotá Marzo 27 de 2012

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