• Lead-organizer: China
  • 13:30 - 15:00
  • Date: 16 Jun 2012
  • Room: T-2

China's Progress on Sustainable Development & Expectations of Rio+20

Organizing partners

The National Development and Reform Commission of People's Republic of China; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People's Republic of China.


There will be a comprehensive introduction of Chinafs efforts, progress and challenges in practicing sustainable development within the past decade. There will also be an introduction to the following strategies of China, a clarification of the expectations of the Chinese Government for this conference and its target and subject, and an introduction to the side conferences of Chinese government, and which will also present a video on Chinese national sustainable development

Detailed programme

1. Presentation of the Chinese National Sustainable Development video
The Chinese government will make a video of about 15 minutes to comprehensively introduce Chinafs efforts and progress in promoting sustainable development.
2. Opening Ceremony
Host: To Be Determined
(1) A brief opening speech Vice Chairman of The National Development and Reform Commission,China (TBC)
(2) A brief opening speech Vice Minister of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs,China (TBC)

3. Keynote Speech
(1) Introduction to Chinafs Progress, Challenges and Future towards Sustainable Development
A famous specialist or leader (TBC)
Main content: Chinafs efforts and progress in developing three key aspects within the past decades, mainly including the adjustment of economic structure, changes in development mode, human development, social progress, sustainable use of resources, protection of ecological environment, dealing with climate change, etc.; introducing Chinafs methods, situation, challenges and mindset in prompting the strategies of sustainable development.
(2) Chinafs principal position and expectation for this conference
Director General of International Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,China
Main content: The international cooperation of China in the field of sustainable development; the Chinafs progress in practicing the environment and development convention; the basic position of Chinese government in regards to the goals and subjects of this conference, the viewpoint of the Chinese government on some important issues; and the expectations of China for this conference.
(3) The introduction of series gChinese Cornerh at the side conference
Director General the Regional Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, China
Main content: the introduction of the specific activities of the gChinese Cornerh at the Athletes Village
(4) Free discussion
a) The Potential Contributions to the Results of the Conference
Being the largest developing country in the world, Chinafs action on sustainable development is related to the process of global sustainable development. In this side conference, we will comprehensively introduce Chinafs efforts, progress, gaps and challenges in practicing sustainable development within the past decade. The Chinese government will present Chinafs position and expectations for this conference; holding the responsibility of mankind and the future, we believe that this side conference will have a positive impact on the negotiations.
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