Prof. Bedřich Moldan, Elected Vice-Chair - Eastern European States Group

Prof. Bedřich Moldan

Professor Bedřich Moldan was elected Vice-chair of the Bureau for the Preparatory Process of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, representing the Eastern European States Group.

Mr. Bedřich Moldan is Professor of Environmental Science (since 1997) and Director of the Environment Centre (since 1992) of the Charles University in Prague. He also succeeded in using his wide-ranging expertise in political engagement, when he was the first Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic (1990-1991) and Senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (2004-2010).

He also served in a number of positions at international level, such as Chairman of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (2000-2001) and its Vice-Chairman (1993-1994), Chairman (2002-2004) and member (1999-2002) of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee, Secretary-General of the SCOPE (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment) in 1998-2001, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regional Environmental Centre in Szentendre (1993-2001), adviser to the Prince of Monaco Albert II. (since 2006), member of the European Consultative Forum on the Environment and Sustainable Development of the European Commission (1998-2001) and coordinating lead author of a part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2001-2004).

During preparations for the UN Conference on Environment and Development and during UNCED itself, he chaired the working group III and was Vice-Chair and Rapporteur of the Main Committee (1991-1992).

His lifelong work in sustainable development, sustainable use of natural resources, material and energy efficiency, climate change, etc. was awarded with gold medals by renowned academic institutions, such as Nature Science Faculty of Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno, or with honorary title ?Ambassador for the Environment? by the German Society for Foreign Affairs. He is also a laureate of the international SCOPE-Zhongyu Environmental Award 2010.

Mr. Moldan is author of many expert articles and studies on environmental and sustainable development issues as well as books. His last book ?A Subdued Planet? (2009) was awarded as the best year?s publication by the Rector of Charles University.
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