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4th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development
30 May 2011 - 31 May 2011
Budva, Montenegro

The 14th meeting of the Mediterranean Commission of Sustainable Development (MCSD) will be held in Budva (Montenegro), from 30 May to 1 June 2011. This meeting will essentially aim to:

* study how the promoting of a green economy strategy as well as a more effective institutional framework could contribute to the Mediterranean Action Plan?s (MAP) strategy and priorities, and to the working programme and organization.
* facilitate the reflection on contribution to the Mediterranean for the next United Nations Global Conference on sustainable development (Rio+20), planned for June 2012.

The participants will also be presented with a provisional assessment of the progresses made during the first five years of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development?s (MSSD) implementation.

Organized by UNEP/Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development

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