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Japan (17 occurences)
Centro para la Autonomia y Desarollo de los Pueblos Indigenas - CADPI and Foro Internacional de Mujeres Indigenas - FIMI (9 occurences)
International Centre of Comparative Environmental Law (C.I.D.C.E.) (9 occurences)
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (8 occurences)
New Vision International (7 occurences)
Zoi Environment Network (7 occurences)
Centro de Gestao e Estudos Estrategicos ? Brazil (CGEE) (6 occurences)
Niger (4 occurences)
Switzerland (3 occurences)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (3 occurences)
Brazil (3 occurences)
Singapore (3 occurences)
Association for Protection of Environment and Culture (APEC-Nepal) and Atlantic States Legal Foundation (ASLF), Inc. (NGO), USA (3 occurences)
Japanese Stakeholders for the Promotion of Sustainable Development (3 occurences)
Boston University, Pardee Center (3 occurences)
World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF) (2 occurences)
Togo (2 occurences)
Republic of Korea (2 occurences)
Foreningen for Internasjonale Vannstudier (Association for International Water Studies) - FIVAS (2 occurences)
World Trade Organization (WTO) (2 occurences)
Pacific Small Island Developing States (2 occurences)
World Meteorological Organization (WMO) (2 occurences)
Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (AGEE) (2 occurences)
Group of 77 and China (2 occurences)
Russian Federation (2 occurences)
Benin (2 occurences)
Senegal (2 occurences)
Tajikistan (2 occurences)
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (2 occurences)
Asian and Pacific Region (2 occurences)
United Cities and Local Governments (2 occurences)
Earth Summit 2012 Japan (2 occurences)
Asia Pacific Youth (2 occurences)
Social Watch (2 occurences)
Donor Comittee on Enterprise Development?s (DCED) Green Growth Working Group (1 occurences)
Egypt (1 occurences)
European Union and its Member States (1 occurences)
Environmental Research Center, Khazar University (1 occurences)
Eurodad (1 occurences)
European Students' Forum (AEGEE) (1 occurences)
Earth System Governance Project (1 occurences)
Burkina Faso (1 occurences)
Club de Madrid (1 occurences)
Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance (The UNEP Major Groups and Stakeholders) (1 occurences)
ActionAid International (1 occurences)
Access Initiative (1 occurences)
Argentina (1 occurences)
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (1 occurences)
China Center for International Economic Exchanges (1 occurences)
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)) (1 occurences)
CEEweb for Biodiversity (1 occurences)
Canada (1 occurences)
International Olympic Committee to the United Nations (1 occurences)
Ghana (1 occurences)
The Innovative Ecocity System ?New World? (1 occurences)
South Africa (1 occurences)
Soka Gakkai International (1 occurences)
Romontana (1 occurences)
Ship and Ocean Foundation (1 occurences)
The Royal Society (1 occurences)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) (1 occurences)
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (1 occurences)
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) (1 occurences)
United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) (1 occurences)
United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea (1 occurences)
United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) (1 occurences)
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) (1 occurences)
Programme for South-South Cooperation between Benin, Bhutan and Costa Rica (1 occurences)
Pakistan (1 occurences)
Instituto Ethos (1 occurences)
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) (1 occurences)
India (1 occurences)
Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAM) (1 occurences)
Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi) (1 occurences)
ICEF-International Court of the Environment Foundation (1 occurences)
International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) (1 occurences)
International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE). (1 occurences)
NGO PROTESTE (Brazilian Association of Consumers Protection) (1 occurences)
North-East Asian Subregional Programme for Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC) (1 occurences)
Montenegro (1 occurences)
Israel (1 occurences)
Abu Dhabi Global Data Initiative (AGEDI) (1 occurences)
Interregional Public Movement of Aborigines - The Innovative Ecocity System - New World (1 occurences)
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