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1st Meeting of BASD2012 Partners
14 Jun 2011 - 14 Jun 2011

ASD 2012 Conveners and Partners met in Paris on 14 June, one year in advance of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) to be held in Rio de Janeiro on June 4-6, 2012. This was the first full meeting of BASD 2012 Partners, and our first big step toward Rio.

The meeting was chaired by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of BASD 2002, and a member of the BASD 2012 Steering Committee. Discussion focused on the group?s expectations for Rio+20, and for the BASD coalition. Ms. Elizabeth Thompson, United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Executive Coordinator for Rio+20, provided her perspectives on the role of business, and specifically BASD, in the Rio+20 process.

As an outcome of the meeting, 3 core working groups have been formed to address policy issues, communications, and UN engagement respectively. These groups will begin work in July, working toward the 1 November deadline for formal major group input to the UNCSD process.

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