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Rio +20 Elementary School Kick Off carnival a Success!! (Sweden)
Young elementary school students have their voice hear by having a demonstration march in Stockholm, Sweden. Slogans and chants like: ?What Do We Want? Healthy Fish, On Our Dish!? ?We Want Our Seasons!? ?If you Wanna Make The Grade, Buy Fair Trade!?? rang out across North Stockholm.

No one who was on Roslagsgatan (in the neighborhood of Norrmalm, in Stockholm) during lunchtime on Tuesday 11 October 2011 could have missed these hard-hitting messages from the elementary school.

Johannes Skola?s 450 pupils and 50 staff members kick-started a year-long Rio+20 Theme Project with this full-on Carnival a la Rio slash demonstration march!

The Carnival costumes displayed creativity and a real visual buffet, and what is more - the
costumes consisted entirely of recycled materials? boxes, newspapers, cans, bottles brought from home and scavenged from the school?s recycle bin.

?We've cut up a lot of old fabric and taped it together and stuff?, explains Sean Bailey, a second grader representing the theme of climate change through a display of ?The Seasons?.

Sean dressed like the sun? a great attempt to visually and optimistically represent the threat of climate change?a difficult and not-so-carnivalesque concept.

The 2nd grade group has ?simplified? it to"The Four Seasons." Other classes have dressed up according to themes such as "Healthy Oceans =Happy Fish" and "Eco-Branding/Fair Trade".

?The children are very involved, and that is the whole purpose. They should be in a position to have their voices heard?, says Andy Magee, 3rd grade teacher and initiator of the project.

When the colorful crowd marches off, Stockholm Police guard so that everything is done properly, just as it should be at a ?grown up? demonstration. ? I felt I really wanted to involve the children in it, and this is one way to do it. This Carnival is really a kick-off for what we will do throughout the remainder of the year?, said Andy Magee.

Johannes Skola, an elementary school in Stockholm Sweden, is working hard to prepare its students for the global Rio+20 Earth Summit ? or United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The belief is that today?s educators are responsible for informing and preparing the next generation that must cope with a world population of 9 billion while sustaining the fragile, shrinking resources needed to support us.

The school has developed a year-long project based around local action, raising awareness and curriculum-based learning vis a vis the goals of the Rio+20 conference and sustainable development as a whole.

As members of the Major Group of Children and Youth, Johannes Skola wants its students to vocalize their thoughts, ideas, and demands directly to those in power. The plan?

They have just begun a year-long project based around the UNCSD, tying it DIRECTLY into the Swedish National Curriculum.

Their goals are to?
 Give to our students the knowledge and means to make a choice towards a sustainable lifestyle?
 Make our students aware of, and teach them to use, their voice to make a difference?
 Give the students an understanding how others live throughout the world?

Projects underway include:
? Satellite ?pen pals? with a bilingual sister school in Rio De Janeiro, with whom they will share projects, compare local nature and environments, discuss and record what sustainability means to them
? Writing to local politicians and media, inviting them in to witness the project and lessons first hand
? Posting of the Carnival pictures and articles on UN and other NGO websites

Some projects they hope to accomplish locally include:
? Petitioning local authorities to provide decent recycling programs throughout all Stockholm schools
? Petitioning the Stockholm transportation company to allow free public transport during the days of the

Rio+20 Conference (June 4-6, 2012):
? Crafting items out of recycled material and selling these at a fundraiser for a Rio+20-sponsored charity
? Pledging to shut off the lights at school and at home during the day of the conference.

This is a project which allows students to have direct involvement in an international process!

Another main aspiration of this project is to influence other schools throughout the world to use Johannes Skola?s tried-and-true RIO+20 themed curriculum, and to teach about sustainable development in their own schools and classrooms using these ideas and projects.

For more information, check out Andy Magee?s Johannes 3rd grade blog:
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