Ms. Ana Bianchi, Elected Vice-Chair - Latin American & Caribbean States Group

Ms. Ana Bianchi

Ms. Ana Bianchi was elected Vice-Chair of the Bureau for the Preparatory Process of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, representing the Latin American and the Caribbean States.

Ms. Ana Bianchi is a Minister in the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations


Ms. Ana Bianchi is a career diplomat with the rank of Minister. She has specialized in multilateral negotiations in the field of environment and sustainable development. Until her assignment to the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations in New York, she has been working at the General Division of Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina where she has coordinated the activities of the Division.
From this position, and also from the beginning of her diplomatic career in 1990, Ms. Bianchi has participated in a number of international negotiations and conferences related to environment and sustainable development issues, such as climate change, biodiversity, Global Environment Facility, Genetic Resources and Sustainable Development at the UN and at the OAS level. She is a regular participant of the CSD meetings.
Previously, Ms. Bianchi had been posted to the Argentine Embassy to the Republic of the Philippines (1994-1995) and to the Embassy to the Kingdom of the Netherland (1995-1997), where she was Alternate Delegate to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and its Executive Board. In 1998, at the end of her term, she was appointed Special Assistant to the Director of Administration of the OPCW.
Ms. Bianchi has a university degree in Political Sciences and did post-graduate studies on International Security and Foreign Policy. From 1987 to 1992 she was professor on Contemporary International Policy and History of International Relations at the Argentine University of El Salvador.

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