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  • Published on: 3 Feb 2012
  • Submitted by: United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI)
  • Language: English | French

Tara Oceans expedition arrives in NewYork
The French scientific research vessel Tara will arrive in New York on 5th February for a week-long stay. Tara Oceans is a three-year, 70,000-mile mission across the Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic and Indian oceans to investigate the impact of global warming on biodiversity and marine life.

The 118-foot schooner is sponsored by private sponsors and a scientific consortium including the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. This research expedition is taking place under the auspices of the United Nations Environmental Program and in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

Researchers from Tara will be sharing their message of a sustainable future for all at the United Nations Rio+20 Conference in June.

Scientists on board Tara are investigating the role played by plankton in the earth's life-support system; the effects of climate change on this critical base to the marine foodchain; the preservation of marine biodiversity and ways of combatting pollution and overfishing. Artists and journalists on board are helping to promote public awareness of these important issues. Twenty-one laboratories in 10 countries are collaborating with the mission, and research findings are published immediately on free access databases.

"Tara's visit to New York is a great opportunity for us to think deeply and raise awareness of the issues that will be discussed in Rio," said Kiyo Akasaka, Under-Secretary General and head of the United Nations Department of Public Information. "The aims of the Tara Oceans expedition are completely in tune with our own campaign for The Future We Want and they will resonate with everyone who cares about the ocean and the environment."

Press Conference
Thursday 9th February 3pm
DHL Auditorium,
United Nations
agnès b. (Fashion designer and main sponsor of Tara)
Dr. Eric Karsenti (Senior scientist EMBL/CNRS, Scientific Director of the expedition)
Philippe Kridelka (UNESCO/IOC)
Andrew Hudson (UN Oceans)

Representatives of the press are welcome on the boat, Monday 6th February, from 9am to 3pm.
During her visit, Tara will be docking at Battery Park, North Cove Marina. Planned events include school visits, lectures and a reception at the French Consulate.
Researchers and crew are available for interview on location or in the studio.
For more information: Tara Oceans website (
Media contacts:
United Nations : Robin Della Rocca,, +1 212 963 71 65
Tara Expéditions : Eloïse Fontaine, + 33 6 12 13 04 67
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