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Regional conference on Green Jobs and Decent Work, and Sustainable Development post Kyoto Protocol
3 Apr 2012 - 4 Apr 2012

In preparation for the Rio+20 Conference, trade unions at national levels have to be involved in the process so that interests of workers such as green and decent work become part and parcel of government concerns for inclusion in the final outcome of RIO+20. Trade unions thus have to familiarize themselves with the process and issues related to the said Conference. Besides RIO+20 trade unions have also been aware of the related Conference of the Parties (COP) process and issues.

The Kyoto Protocol is an instrument agreed upon under COP whereby the developed countries that ratified it committed themselves to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions under an agreed schedule. This commitment ends in 2012. A new instrument is being negotiated and is expected to be agreed upon by 2012 but the negotiations so far have not been encouraging. COP 17 held in Durban last year adopted the ?Durban Platform for Enhanced Action? that leaves much to be desired.

Thus this conference is being organized with the following objectives.
1. To discuss the issues of green jobs and decent work as the way forward for sustainable development post Kyoto Protocol;
2. To discuss the RIO + 20 trade union and national process and issues and review the COP process and outcome; and
3. To recommend trade union strategy on Green Jobs and Decent Work as the Way Forward towards Sustainable Development post Kyoto Protocol

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