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Accommodation levels in Rio de Janeiro are anticipated to be at full occupancy during the conference. While it is not the responsibility of the United Nations to procure accommodation for the media, it should be noted that the Brazilian national organizing committee for Rio+20 has committed to blocking a minimum of 500 hotel rooms in Rio de Janeiro for media covering the conference. Costs must be covered by the media. For more details, visit: For information regarding room availability please contact: Terramar Travel Agency

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Get involved in the Future you want
Today is 86 days from Rio+20. This two day conference represents a potential turning point for our planet and we cannot waste this opportunity through a lack of ambition.

How can you get involved? What do you need to do? How can you share your ideas and your voice?

The UN have created a really interesting website where you can share your ideas, your solutions and have your voice can see it here:

But this does raise the question....can we do more than talk and share ideas?!? How can we make words into actions? What are young people doing globally?

There is lots can raise awareness. You can do what ever you want in your local community but starting can sometimes be scary.

To hopefully help you start your journey and join us in the count down...below are some ideas that might
give you the motivation to start acting for the future we all want.

Below there are 10 things young people have been doing...some initiatives you might want to get involved with:

1) Actively participate in UNCSD Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY) Capacity Building Team.

Inclusiveness and equal participation of all youth are key to making Rio+20 a success. Aiming for a target of 1 billion youth including 5 million without internet, the MGCY wants to ensure every young person has the chance to get involved and have a voice, which will itself join the global voice of young people through the MGCY.

This is why the capacity building initiative was launched - with view of informing and inspiring young people across the world to learn about sustainable development, Rio+20, as well as how they can act.

The initiative would be incomplete without the plethora of volunteers across the world who signed up for the tasks of disseminating a capacity-building tookit which the team is working on, as well as taking individual awareness-raising, activism, advocacy and facilitation responsibilities. The team, like the rest of the MGCY, operates on very fluid lines and therefore welcomes anyone who wishes to join. Email for more information.

2) Official Youth Delegate Initiative:

Since January 2012, members of the MGCY have been targeting Member States to raise their awareness about the importance of including a youth delegate in their official delegations.

The inclusion of a youth delegate will indicate the commitment of a Member State with the values of the Rio declaration, particularly principles 10 and 21, and intergenerational equity and equal participation.

Official youth delegates serve as a liaison with the youth of their country, inspiring and encouraging young people to participate more deeply at home, in the political life of their own societies, thereby counteracting the immense social costs of excluding young people. This will help push toward policies that are favorable for youth, especially in the development of a green economy and other CSD policy processes. For more information:

3) #PushYourPresident:

A grassroot action initiated by young people from all over the world. We feel Rio+20 can only become a success if as any decision makers as possible attend Rio and will, at Rio, safeguard young peoples interests.

We cannot do this alone, but to reach this goal we need your help! Start #PushYourPresident in your own country and thereby be the source of change which will make the difference in Rio! GO RIO+20! For more information:

4) Water and Youth

Although the World Water Forum will take place in the region of Marseille from 6 to 17 March 2012 there are two exciting Water Inititiates we hope will bridge the gap and continue their work in the other strands of the processes. The Water Youth Movement and the Water Youth Parliament are raising the voice of young people in the water debate and you can get involved also.

The aim is to enable the young people to share their solutions for water, encourage youth participation in the World Water Forum's debates and start new initiatives and projects. For more information: or

5) Rio+You
22nd of April 2012 (Earth Day) will see synchronized events in over 50 cities around the world.

Young people want to get media attention and to mobilize thousands of people for the conference to come and to raise greater awareness. This campaign was started by over 30 South American organizations

6) YOUR GOVERNMENT IS YOU! / (em breve em Português)

7) Youth Blast is the official event of the Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY) with the aim of empowering young people to participate the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development ? Rio +20. Youth Blast will be held in Rio de Janeiro June 10-12, 2012. Besides providing information and training to participants, the event will be a space for youth to share experiences and solutions related to sustainable development issues and forms of participation in decision making at the international level. It will also be an occasion to build strategies for the activities to be developed during the conference. Click here to Register. Please visit the Major Group of Children and Youth website to find out more ways to get involved

8) MobilizeU International Competition

This competition is between Colleges & Universities that encourages students to engage their campus communities in four weeks of environmental activism surrounding Earth Day 2012 (March 29 - April 29).

Over the month-long competition, students will mobilize their campuses to generate as many ?acts of green? as possible, through activities such as registering new voters, collecting personal act-of-green pledges, leading community clean-ups, and organizing major Earth Day events, as well as amplifying environmental initiatives that their schools are already working on. Every act of green generated during MobilizeU will contribute to Earth Day Network's global A Billion Acts of Green® initiative - thus providing a platform for college students to make a significant impact on the international scale. For more information contact or visit the website:

9) Organizing MyCity+20 events (which include Rio+20 negotiation simulations)

MyCity+20 is a concept as well as an informal platform in order to motivate and support other cities to create their own simulation of Rio+20. We share a common vision: Young people take action in the field of sustainable development. And we give ourselves the following mission: Young people will be ready to tackle international sustainable development issues by simulating international summits. Young people are also given the opportunity to take action locally on SD issues. We set for ourselves 3 goals : 1. The youth learn about global SD issues thanks to a simulation of the Rio+20 summit, 2. The youth are given the opportunity to take action in their local community, and 3. The youth carry the message that they are ready to be involved in the transition towards a sustainable society.

To learn more:

10) Stockholm+40 The Swedish minister for the Environment organize Stockholm+40 conference (April 23-25, 2012), the 40th anniversary of the UN Conference on the Human Environment in 1972.Youth play an important role in the program, and there will be about 60 international youth present at the event. The 3 themes of this conference are: sustainable innovation, sustainable production, and sustainable living. Additionally, there are plans to organize youth briefings and meetings around Rio+20 back-to-back to this conference. To be continued :-) More information:

You can also read the youth flash for an intro to what the discussion is all about
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