• Partnership scope: Sub-regional
  • Date start: 1 Jan 2001
  • Date end: 1 Jul 2005
  • More information:

Partnership implemented in
  • Guatemala
  • Japan
  • United States of America

Additional information
Chagas Disease Vector Control Initiative


Government of Japan - Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Government of Guatemala
Government of Japan

Major Groups:

UN System:
World Health Organization (Switzerland)

Other Central American Countries ()

Partnership Overview | Objectives

Seven Central American countries and PAHO/WHO are implementing Chagas Disease Vector Control Initiative with the target to interrupt Chagas disease transmission in Central America by 2010. In this framework, Japan is contributing to achieve this target in Guatemala from January 2000. It is proposed to expand this partnership framework to neighboring countries to achieve the target launched by PAHO/WHO.

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