• Partnership scope: Global
  • Date start: 1 Sep 2002
  • Date end: 1 Apr 2007
  • More information:

Partnership implemented in
  • Kenya
  • United Arab Emirates

Additional information
Abu-Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative (AGEDI)


Government of United Arab Emirates - Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD)

UN System:
United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) (Kenya)

Federal Environment Agency (United Arab Emirates)
Ministry of Environment and Water (United Arab Emirates)

Partnership Overview | Objectives

The Main objectives of AGEDI are:
- To achieve more cost-effective and relevant environmental data collection and assessment,

- To strengthen and enhance environmental capacity to collect, analyze, use and update multi-sectoral environmental data and information in the decision making process,

- To develop and strengthen means of ensuring that planning for sustainable development in all sectors is based on, inter alia, quality, timely, reliable, and usable environmental data and information,

- To make relevant environmental data and information accessible to all stakeholders in the form, and at the time, required to facilitate its use,

- To strengthen existing national and international mechanisms of information collection, exchange and processing,

- To strengthen mechanisms for incorporating environmental information in decision making,

- To strengthen national capacities, including capacities within governments, NGOs and private sector, in data/information collection, handling and communication, particularly in developing countries, and

- To ensure full participation of developing countries in the collection, analysis, assessment, use and update of environmental data and information.

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