• Submitted by: Tarumitra
  • Primary SD area: Sustainable Energy
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  • Location: India
  • Date of completion: 30 Mar 2015
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Deliverables & Resources
Saving 1 Megawatt-hour of Power every day

Organization(s) making commitment


Achievement of Commitment

As of now over 10,000 students and their families have promised to save 100Watt-hour of power every day which adds up to over 1 Megawatt-hour daily, which in turn adds up to 365 Megawatts-hour of power per year, for which the old power plants in our country would use over 1500 tons of coal.

How this will be achieved

One of the high school students, Shweta Marandi (who is Hero of the month in UNEP website) spearheaded the campaign from 2007. She got promises from over 10,000 students that each of them would save 100 Watt-hour of electricity every day. And Tarumitra students are traveling around the country to recruit more volunteers for this sustainable cause.

Caritas Switzerland has promised to fund the campaign expenses to save electricity. Tarumitra secretariat consisting of 15 full time volunteers and 2000 part time volunteers are working in thousands of schools on India to push the campaign to further limits.

Deliverable Date
Saving/producing 20,000 Megawatt-hour of Power by frugal use of electricity 30 Mar 2015

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise 15 full time volunteers and over 2000 part time volunteers
Financing (in USD) $100,000
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