• Submitted by: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Primary SD area: Climate Change
  • Keywords: Ecosystems, Adaptation, Climate Change
  • Location: Uganda, Peru, Nepal (and one or more Small Island Developing States soon to be confirmed)
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2000
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Deliverables & Resources
Ecosystems-based Adaptation (EBA) Programme

Organization(s) making commitment


Achievement of Commitment

The outcome of this commitment is countries having improved integration of climate change responses into national development processes by incorporating Ecosystem-based Approaches to Adaptation into development planning and policymaking. This includes increasing the access of communities to relevant climate change assessments and information for decision-making and long-term planning.

How this will be achieved

Four phases of activities are involved:
I. Making scientific and economic case for EBA. The specific services provided by these ecosystems to communities are assessed and a cost benefit analysis of identified EBA options conducted.
II. Enhancing capacities for EBA through enhancing national capacities for EBA planning and decision-making, supported through the application of a decision-support framework that helps countries plan and implement effective EBA in a range of practical decision-making contexts (ecological, social, economic and political)
III. Implementing EBA options and disseminating lessons of at least one EBA pilot in each of project locations (country or state) which encompasses design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the EBA pilot with close involvement of communities that directly depend upon selected ecosystem. The gathered data on the implemented approaches together with the lessons learned is disseminated through the partnerís adaptation knowledge networks.
IV. Integrating EBA into planning processes and fostering supportive policies. This last stage will utilize the assessment data from component I and information collected from the EBA pilots under component II to inform the design of supporting policies. This component will pave the way for the integration of EBA into national adaptation and development plans.

Deliverable Date
Making the scientific and economic case for EBA 2010
Enhancing capacities for EBA 2012
Implementing EBA options 2013
Integrating EBA into planning processes 2014

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Other, please specify Euros 10 million (Funded by Germany/BMU)
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