• Submitted by: Crisis Camp
  • Primary SD area: Public awareness and communications on SD
  • Keywords: mapping, ICT4D, knowledge , education in emergencies
  • Location: Argentina-Latinoamerica
  • Date of completion: 30 Jun 2014
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Deliverables & Resources
ICT4D , climate changeand education to

Organization(s) making commitment

Crisis Camp Argentina
Crisis Camp Paris
Indigenous groups
Gender associations
UN Volunteers and platforms of online volunteers

Achievement of Commitment

Agree partnerships with indigenous women's associations and related groups in the country and Latin America.
Group UN Volunteers and Volunteer online platforms.

Objectives: Relieve and map problems of indigenous peoples on climate change and natural resources.
Make visible these issues through open source tools.
Spread among local populations, civil associations and other groups in Argentina and LATAM the agreements and initiatives towards Rio +20. This will use social media, workshops and meetings.
Create platform or audiovisual materials on education in emergencies, taking into account the popular knowledge and Esfera project.

How this will be achieved

Investigate local knowledge using quantitative tools and qualitative research and monitor those events found in the media relating to the national problems and Latin America.

Deliverable Date
Research 2013
Mapping 2013
Final 2014

Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
In-kind contribution travel tickets
Financing (in USD) 1000
Staff / Technical expertise tech dev, design staff,volunteers
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