• Submitted by: Conselho Empresarial Brasileiro para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (CEBDS)
  • Primary SD area: SD strategies and policies
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  • Location: Brazil
  • Date of completion: 1 Jan 2050
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Vision 2050: A new agenda for business in Brazil

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Achievement of Commitment

Brazil will be able to, by 2050, consolidate as the world's 4th largest economy while being able to offer good and sustainable living conditions to its 260 million people.

How this will be achieved

The first step is the launch of "Vision Brazil 2050", produced by BCSD-Brazil (in partnership with PwC), that, based in WBCSD's "Vision 2050", try to establish a foreseeable and achievable sustainable country in which companies have a major role to this end. Being a summary of willingness and capabilities of companies themselves, "Vision Brazil 2050" begins to be seen as Brazilian businesses main agenda towards a sustainable development, implementing the required tasks and pulling the government in the same direction.
Even though not being an easy nor a swift one, this behavior change would begin inside those companies, spreading naturally to its competitors, government and even society. What ?Vision Brazil 2050? understands that companies are the only institutions that have the necessary skills to lead the sustainability turning point so to ?green economy? be recognized just as ?economy? 40 years from now.

Deliverable Date
Official launch of commitment in Rio 22 Jun 2012
Publish a draft implementation plan 22 Jun 2014

Resources devoted to delivery
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Staff / Technical expertise More than 450 experts on sustainability many topics
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