Unemployment, Decent Work and Migration
16 Jun 2012, 11:00:00-13:30:00


  1. Put education in the core of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda.
  2. Commit to a Decent Work for All goal by 2030, including the right to bargain collectively, unemployment reduction, elimination of precarious work, gender equality at the workplace and promotion of green and decent jobs, taking into account the special needs of women and youth; as well as to a Social Protection for All goal by 2030, guaranteeing social protection, at least at the level of national floors, including minimum wages and guarantees for access to health care, and income support for unemployed, aged, disabled, children and pregnant women.
  3. Compel national governments to respect the human rights of all migrant workers and their families including those in Temporary Foreign Worker programs and those climate refugees who will be displaced by environmental impacts.

Mr. Jonathan Watts (United Kingdom)
The Gaurdian
Mr. Kersten-Karl Barth
Director, Siemens Global Sustainability
Mr. Maurice Strong (Canada)
Secretary General, Stockholm Conference and Rio Summit
Mr. Daniel Iliescu(Brazil)
President, National Union of Students
Ms. Carmen Helena Ferreira Foro (Brazil)
Secretary for Women Rural Workers
National Confederation of Agricultural Workers (CONTAG)
Ms. Deborah Wince-Smith (United States of America)
President, The Council on Competitiveness
Dr. James K. Galbraith (United States of America)
Professor, Texas University
Dr. Lu Hulin (China)
Professor, Beijing University
Ms. Nana-Fosu Randall (Ghana)
Founder and President, Voices of African Mothers (VAM)
Ms. Sharan Burrow (Australia)
Secretary-General, International Trade Union Confederation
Ms. Ivana Savich (Serbia)
Co-ordinator, CSD Youth Caucus

Facilitators of the online discussion
Dr. Stephen Hamilton (United States of America)
Cornell University
Mr. Eduardo Luiz Gonçalves Rios-Neto (Brazil)
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Mr. Neville Ying (Jamaica)
University of the West Indies
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