Sustainable Cities and Innovation
18 Jun 2012, 19:30:00-22:00:00


  1. Promote the use of waste as a renewable energy source in urban environments.
  2. Plan in advance for sustainability and quality of life in cities.
  3. Each head of state should identify a sustainable city to develop a network for knowledge sharing and innovation.
    Governments should channel resources to develop people-centered sustainable cities with timed and measurable goals, in such way that empowers local communities, promotes equality and accountability.

AndreTrigueiro (Brazil)
Globo TV Network
Dr. Alejandro Aravena (Chile)
Architect, CEO, Elemental
Mr. David Cadman (Canada)
President, Local Governments of Sustainability
Dr. Enrique Ortiz (Mexico)
Former President, Habitat International Coalition (HIC)
Mr. Jaime Lerner (Brazil)
President, Jaime Lerner Institute.
Former Mayor of Curitiba and former Governor of ParanĂ¡
Dr. Janice Perlman (United States of America)
President, Mega Cities Project
Mr. Oded Grajew (Brazil)
President Emeritus, Ethos Institute
Ms. Nawal Al-Hosany (United Arab Emirates)
Director for Sustainability, Masdar
Dr. Shigeru Ban (Japan)
Architect, Shigeru Ban Architects
Dr. Barry Bergdoll (United States of America)
Chief Curator, Architecture and Design, MoMA
Mr. Khalifa Sall (Senegal)
Mayor of Dakar and Vice-President of UCLG for Africa

Facilitators of the online discussion
Mr. Ricardo Caruana (Brazil)
City School
Mr. Olivier Coutard (France)
Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech
Ms. Winnie Mitullah (Kenya)
University of Nairobi
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