Sustainable Development for Fighting Poverty
16 Jun 2012, 19:30:00-22:00:00


  1. Promote global education to eradicate poverty and to achieve sustainable development.
  2. Ensure universal health coverage to achieve sustainable development.
  3. Promote equitable access to information, participation, representation and justice in local, national and global level decision-making on sustainable development and promote grassroots innovation.

Fred de Sam Lazaro (India)
Dr. Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portugal)
Professor, University of Coimbra
Dr. Judith Sutz (Uruguay)
Professor, University of the Republic
Ms. Lourdes Huanca Atencio (Peru)
President, National Federation of Women
Rural Workers, Artisans, Indigenous and
Wage Workers of Peru (Femucarinap)
Dr. Manish Bapna (United States of America)
President, interim, World Resources Institute (WRI)
Dr. Marcia Lopes (Brazil)
Professor, Brazilian Former Minister for
Development and Fight against Hunger
Mr. Marcos Terena (Brazil)
President, Intertribal Committee
Dr. Pavan Sukhdev (India)
pecial Advisor, Green Economy Initiative, UNEP
Ms. Severn Cullis-Suzuki (Canada)
Board of Directors, David Suzuki Foundation
Dr. Yang Tuan (China)
Director, Center for Study of Social Policies,
Chinese Academy for Social Sciences
Mr. Victor Trucco (Argentina)
Honorary President, Argentine Association
of No-Till Producers (AAPRESID)

Facilitators of the online discussion
Mr. Adrien Ely (United Kingdom)
Sussex Unniversity
Ms. Eun Mee Kim (South Korea)
Ewha Womans University
Mr. Rodrigo Medeiros (Brazil)
Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro - UFRRJ
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