Business and Industry
Business and industry is being organised via the Business Action for Sustainable Development (BASD) 2012 an inclusive temporary coalition convened by ICC, WBCSD and UNGC. Please see letter sent to UNDESA regarding BASD 2012

The challenges will be to insure that full range of business expertise and views from a wide-cross section are presented particularly from business in emerging and developing countries. The BASD organising partners (WBCSD, ICC, and UNGC) will utilise their respective networks as well as seek out additional partners business organisations to join BASD 2012.

While the exact details are still being developed by the BASD Project team, BASD will aim to have specific working groups on key areas of the Rio+20 programme as well as numerous activities both in the lead-up and in Rio.

Expectation of outcome
- As a dynamic driver of the transition to a green economy, the private sector plays a critical role in linking economic and social development through sound environmental management and the investment in and application of emerging technologies.

- Rio+20 is a key event to take stock of the progress made by all stakeholders and to discuss actions for the next 20 years, both the UNCSD and the WSSD have lead to the creation of concrete international frameworks and processes which can have a direct impact on the way business operates

- The challenge ahead of Rio+20 is to identify concrete solutions on issues such as poverty, climate, food, water and energy, and determine how business ? individually and in partnership with other actors ? can best contribute

- One concrete deliverable we hope to see from Rio is the recognition of the private sector as a critical enabler of sustainability solutions.

Beyond Rio+20
While much is still to be determined and difficult to specifics at this point, as mentioned earlier we would expect recognition of the private sector as a key actor and implementer of solutions to environmental challenges

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