Chulalongkorn University Research Assistant
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A - Renewed political commitment for sustainable development
Question 1
Are there objective ways of measuring political commitment? What are the relevant indicators? Which indicators are most useful from your perspective? (e.g., New legislation enacted, Policy announcements, Budgetary allocation and support, Prominence of relevant institutions, Level of media interest, etc.)
Question 2
Based if possible on these indicators, how would you evaluate the political commitment today to sustainable development in the country(ies)/region(s) of interest to your group, compared to 1992? How would you evaluate the political commitment of the international community compared to 1992?

Question 8
Among your country?s senior national policy makers, would you say the predominant view of the three pillars of sustainable development is that: ____there are difficult trade-offs among them? ____ they are strongly complementary? Please briefly elaborate on your answer.

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