United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
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A - Renewed political commitment for sustainable development
Question 6
Looking forward to the next 10 years, what are your government?s / organization's highest priorities for accelerating progress towards sustainable development?
Question 7
How can international cooperation strengthen support for sustainable development? What are your expectations for UNCSD in this regard?

B - Assessing progress and remaining gaps in implementation
Question 8
What are the major barriers to implementation?
  1. inadequate coordination between ministries)
  2. low political priority for integrated decision making
  3. problems created by slow growth)
  4. lack of data)
  5. weak enforcement)
  6. inadequate or unpredictable international support)
  7. inadequate public awareness or engagement)
  8. Other)

Question 9
What steps need to be taken to address these barriers in an effort to bridge the implementation gaps?

E - Institutional framework for sustainable development
Question 10
Name the governments/major groups with which your group/government has had the closest collaboration. For each, briefly describe the main features of the collaboration.

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