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11:00 to 12:00: Eye On Earth: Eye on Oceans and Blue Carbon
18 Jun 2012 - 18 Jun 2012
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Athletes Park, UNEP Pavilion

The aim of the Blue Carbon Special Initiative is to transform the quality and accessibility of coastal ecosystem data and to build local capacity to utilise and interpret these data for coastal management for climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity conservation. Ultimately this Special Initiative aims to support enhanced fulfillment of national and informational commitments to reduce climate impacts as well as to safeguard biodiversity and human well-being. This side event will discuss how data and information can be used to manage our oceans and marine ecosystems.

This will include presentations on:
- The importance of data and information to protect out oceans
- Aligned donor programmes
- How data and information enables us to maximise Blue Carbon opportunities and protect our oceans
- Achievements to date on the Special Initiative - Case Study: Blue Carbon for the Arabian Peninsula - Demonstration Project for the UAE

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