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World Summit of Federated States and Regions
19 Jun 2012 - 19 Jun 2012
Athletes Park Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The World Summit of Regions, which will be held on June 19 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is an event that will convene leaders from the main sub-national governments from the entire world, and which will discuss green economy and sustainable development.

This Summit, organized by the Rio de Janeiro State Government, in partnership with the United Regions Organization (ORU-FOGAR), the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD) and the Climate Group, which will take place at the Rio de Janeiro State Pavilion at the Parque dos Atletas, as a parallel event to the official activities of the United Nations Conference for the Sustainable Development, Rio+20.

During this Summit the Global Coalition of States and Regions for a new Economy will be launched, in which its members will commit to the specific goals and initiatives which encompass the economic, social, environmental and sustainable development dimensions.

The results of this Summit will contribute to the crucial international debate which will take place during the Rio+20 Conference and also to demonstrate how the federated States, Regions, Provinces and other intermediate governments of the five continents are committed to keeping their daring action turned towards the sustainable development of their territories in strict collaboration and complementarity with all the other levels of government and of partnership with the private sector.

The World Summit of States and Regions is opened to all the federated states, regions, provinces and other sub-national entities of intermediate character committed to sustainable development in their respective territories.

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