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I International Forum and the II National Forum of Transformer Volunteering
4 Nov 2011 - 6 Nov 2011
Belo Horizonte / Brasil

With our warm greetings, we report that, from November 4th up to 6th, 2011, the city of Belo Horizonte / Brasil will host the I INTERNATIONAL FORUM and the II NATIONAL FORUM OF TRANSFORMER VOLUNTEERING.

Promoted by the Institute of Organizational Management and Applied Technology - IGETEC in
partnership with the Committee of Entities Against Hunger and for Life - COEP / MG and the National Network of Transformer Volunteering - RMVT, the event aims to continue activities initiated in the
I NATIONAL FORUM OF TRANSFORMER VOLUNTEERING and the local transforming action for the celebration of Global Youth Service Day, both held in 2010.

The proposal of the internationalization of the event arose from the seal of the United Nations - UN, obtained in last year's July, through the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).

In addition to stimulating a dialogue on volunteering and its interface with the concept of Sustainable Development, the event will recapture discussions on the challenges for regulation and implementation of Law No. 18.716/2010, State Policy on Promoting the Transformer Volunteering, as well as the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of the Third Sector, with the aim of developing research, building policies and contributing to the promotion of volunteering in Brazil and all over the world.

Besides the extensive agenda, these events are altogether an opportunity to know, in Brazil, the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state, which offers multiple cultural, touristic and gastronomic options.

We welcome your valuable contributions!

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