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Renewable Energy in the Context of Green Economy and the role of Private Sector
28 Jun 2011 - 28 Jun 2011
New York, USA

The Danish and Korean UN Missions organized a workshop on Renewable Energy in the Context of Green Economy and the role of Private Sector on 28 June 2011 at UN Headquarters in New York .

The objective of the workshop was to offer a platform for practical discussions on how renewable energy can contribute to current transition to a green economy. Representatives from some of the leading global companies within the renewable energy field such as solar, wind, biomass and energy storage formed the panel and contributed to the discussions.

Solar : Mr. James Brown, Senior Vice President of Project Finance, First Solar
Wind : Mr. Henrik Breum, Director of Government Relations, Vestas
Biomass : Ms. Leticia Phillips, Representative - North America, UNICA
Energy storage : Mr. Robert H. Lee, Senior Vice President, SK Innovation
Policies for spreading Renewable Energy : Dr. Nakicenovic (IIASA)
Renewable Energy and Climate Change: Dr. Renate Christ (IPCC)

The panellists underlined the need for an action-oriented approach in order to address the objectives of securing universal access to sustainable energy and improving energy efficiency in connection with renewable energy and stressed the opportunities of renewable energy in association with job creation, climate change mitigation, air quality improvements and enhanced energy security.

The panellists call for better ways of getting and guaranteeing finance for investments in renewable energy, risk mitigation for private investors and enhancing of the public/private partnerships. Neither the public nor the private sector will be able to promote the transition alone. Also, there was mentioning of the possibility of having a clear energy goal adopted at Rio+20 that would commit Member States to: Ensure universal access to sustainable energy for all by 2030, reduce global energy intensity by 40 per cent by 2030 and increase the share of renewables to 30 per cent by 2030, as supported by ministers at the Vienna Energy Forum in late June 2011.

Before the closing remarks by the Danish and the Korean ambassadors the Under-Secretary for Global Challenges Mr. Tomas Anker Christensen introduced the work of the newly established public-private-partnership Global Green Growth Forum - to be held next in Denmark on 11 ? 12 October 2011 - as well as the work of the Korean Global Green Growth Initiative.

Finally, ambassador Carsten Staur underlined that renewable energy was just about to break through and that the world need to increase the incentives to use renewable energy, while ambassador Park pointed out that the output of the workshop would feed into the Rio+20 preparatory process and urged the delegations to submit comments to the zero draft of the outcome document before 1th of November 2011.

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