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Annual Civil Society Focal Point Meeting
17 Oct 2011 - 18 Oct 2011
Rome, Italy

When they meet in October, the UN focal points to civil society will discuss among other issue how to improve the role of civil society -- defined as 9 major groups in the outcome of Rio 20 years ago, Agenda 21 -- in developing and implementing the Rio+20 outcome document. One of the document to be reviewed is the governance of the 13 national civil society advisory committees to the United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) that have been established since 2006. These committee were established by the former Secretary-General in his response to the 2004 report of the Panel of Eminent Persons on United Nations- Civil Society Relations (the Cardoso Panel).

Recommendations from the assessment could inform discussions on the institutional framework for sustainable developpement ongoing in preparation for Rio+20.

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