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DHAKA DECLARATION: SWAN (South Asia Women's Network)?s Positions on an emerging Green Economy

Third Annual Conference of SWAN (South Asia Women?s Network)
2 Jul 2011 - 3 Jul 2011
Dhaka, Bangladesh

We, the women of South Asia, gathered in Dhaka, Bangladesh on July 2 and 3, 2011, for the Third Annual Conference of SWAN (South Asia Women?s Network), which was dedicated to the theme of ?Women of South Asia and the Green Economy?. We come from nine South Asian countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The SWAN Annual Conference brings together eight individual SWAN networks, respectively on Arts and Literature; Women in Peacemaking; Health, Nutrition, and Food Security; Education; Crafts and Textiles; Microcredit, Livelihood, and Development; Environment; and Women in Media. Women working in each of these areas make vital contributions to the Green Economy. There can be no Green Economy without Arts and Literature that express our local traditions, and women play a central role in preserving and disseminating these traditions. There can be no Green Economy without Peace. Armed conflict, terrorism and all violent acts are destructive of the Green Economy. The peace we ask for cannot ever be at the expense of women?s rights. A Green Economy is the only enduring basis for good health, and for ensuring adequate nutrition and food security. Education for an authentic Green Economy is our commitment. Our rich tradition of crafts and textiles does not just contribute to our rich culture; it is the very basis of green livelihoods. Facilitating local sustainable livelihoods is the real role of microcredit and financial systems. We will use the media to show to our region and the world that the women of South Asia bring solutions to the ecological and poverty crises. We will define the Green Economy on our terms, through our cultures and our lives.

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