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Sustainable Environmental Management in Urban Asia
15 Dec 2011 - 16 Dec 2011
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


This conference will provide an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective to the human-environment nexus in urban living in Asia. It will focus on some of the challenges before Asian governments in sustaining their urban nodes as creative assets rather than demographic liabilities.
These include water sustainability; food security; addressing ?brown? issues (pollution control, waste management, industrial ecology), renewable energy; quality of living (housing, transport and urban infrastructure); preserving biodiversity; and provisions of adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change impacts. There has been a wide range of environmental policy and other state interventions to address these urban ?problems?, including carbon taxes, polluter pay schemes, economic incentives, laws and their enforcement, and public environmental education. There have also been grounded and applied concepts of environmental cities and a critical evaluation can be made of their ability and effectiveness to solve current urban challenges in Asian contexts. This conference will offer the opportunity for existing policies, theories and plans on the management of the urban environment to be evaluated, and proposals for the future examined.
The themes of the conference include:
? Sustainable Governance in an Urban Environment
? Sustainable Waste Management in an Urban Context
? Eco-Urban Settlements
? Coastal Zone Management in Asia
? Public Health in Urban Environments
? Environmental Challenges in Urban Asia
? Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia.

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