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Final Program- USRIO+2.0

USRIO+2.0 - Bridging Connection Technologies and Sustainable Development
2 Feb 2012 - 4 Feb 2012
10:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Stanford University


A three day gathering at Stanford University of global policy-makers, practitioners, and innovators on the use of connection technologies (SMS, mobile, web, etc.) to advance sustainable development solutions in the fields of health, the environment, agriculture, and sustainable economic growth. We will explore existing and proposed technologies and the opportunities as well as attributes of the innovation culture, and the role of governments and civil society in fostering broader innovation. The event will be interactive, combining talks and panels with audience participation through breakout sessions and a final ?unconference? session.


We will create linkages between the technology and sustainability communities, examining present and prospective utilization of connection technologies for development purposes. Participants will be asked to define ?innovation challenges? for how connection technologies can help advance cross-cutting sustainable development problems, with outcomes to be presented at the Rio+20 United Nations Sustainable Development Conference, June 2012.

We will identify best practices and success factors for promoting sustainability innovation in industrialized and developing countries.

Who should attend

Members of the NGO community using connection technologies to create new ways to communicate, mobilize, coordinate, educate. International policymakers interested in bringing an innovation culture to their countries in support of sustainable development goals Technology professionals interested or actively involved in leveraging their Intellectual Property to better the lives of millions at home and in the developing world

By Invitation only

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