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?Earth Debate? in the Hindu Kush?Himalayas - I
24 Feb 2012 - 24 Feb 2012
2:00 PM - 4:30 AM


Tentative Programme:

Time (PM) Activities Responsibilities
1330-1355 Registration Basudev Upadhyay
1355-1400 Announcements/arrangements update Tek Jung Mahat
1400-1410 Opening remarks BC Country Representative
1410-1420 Welcome remarks/ICIMOD Rio+20 activity highlights ICIMOD Directorate
1420-1440 Earth debate video screening (highlights of the earlier debate in the UK) Tek Jung Mahat/Utsav Maden
1440-1510 Panel discussion (focus: water, energy, and food in the Hindu Kush?Himalayan countries) Three experts representing Science, Policy and Business
1510-1520 Sharing of views of the Chinese team/co-host/representatives Event host in China
1520-1530 Sharing of views of the Indian team/co-host/representatives Event host in India
1530-1540 Sharing of views of the Bangladeshi team/co-host/representatives Event host in Bangladesh
1540-1600 Question and answer session (3-5 questions from each participating countries) Panelists and moderator
1600-1630 Country sessions (in respective countries) Country teams

Emcee and discussion moderator: Tek Jung Mahat

Further Information:
Basudev Upadhyay, ICIMOD

Smreety Dewan, British Council

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