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SIde Event - Water, Food and Energy Nexus: Why Mountains Matter?
26 Mar 2012 - 26 Mar 2012
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

United Nations NLB Building, New York

Why Mountains Matter for Global sustainability?
Mountains deserve special attention in the water-food-energy nexus discussions. Mountains provide numerous goods and services ? fresh water, rich biodiversity, organic and diverse food and forest products including natural medicine products, minerals, and clean energy ? all needed for human well being, especially for the indigenous, marginalized and poor people. These services are becoming increasingly valuable to society, yet all are under threat as mountains and mountain people are undergoing rapid change due to globalization and climate change. Examples: Mountains store an immense amount of water and gradually release it for meeting irrigation, drinking, sanitations and industrial processing in all the seasons. More than half of humanity relies on freshwater from mountains. Glaciers, ice fields, and snow packs provide important water storage facilities. The Himalayan river ecosystems can contribute to reduce global warming and poverty for more than 1.4 billion people.

Why this side event?
At this juncture, the UNCSD provides important opportunity to debate on globally important opportunities and post Rio+20 possibilities and set action priorities based on sharing of most updated good practices, scientific information and local and national perspectives that can help create global, regional, national, and local mechanisms that can not only justly support close to 800 million mountain communities to reduce their vulnerability and poverty but also help the globe to ensure their future water, food and energy security.

Objective of the side event:
? To share the perspectives of challenges and opportunities from the member country leaders, policy makers and experts
? To develop common understanding and views among the key stakeholders of the sustainable mountain development to positively contribute to the Outcome document;
? To contribute in defining a new Mountain Agenda embracing the global and regional changes and challenges

Programme Structure:

Opening Remarks by:
H.E. Gyan Chandra Acharya, Ambassador PR of Nepal,
Dr. David Molden, Director General of ICIMOD

Special Remarks by:
H.E. Paul Seger, Ambassador PR of Switzerland
H. E. Cesario Ambassador PR of Italy
H.E. Tekeda Ambassador PR of Ethiopia
H.E. Ambassador PR of Peru (tbc)
H..E. Mr Brice Lalonde, Executive Secretary, Rio+ 20 secretariat UN

Discussions and Interactions
Wrap-up: Olman Serrano, Coordinator, Mountain Partnership Secretariat

Expected Outcome:
? Expectations and suggestions from the member countries and major groups in the revised Rio+20 Outcome document;
? Opportunities in promoting Green Economy in and outside Mountains by strengthening the nexus between Water, Food, Energy and Biodiversity and actions needed in post Rio+20 scenario
? Proposal of a new Mountain Agenda and collection of feedback from the participants to take the message forward to Rio+20

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