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Green Economy: Which Perspectives for the MENA-Region?
3 Apr 2012 - 4 Apr 2012
9:04 AM - 6:04 PM


The absence of fundamental economic reforms and initiatives that would lead to the improvement of the social and economic wellbeing of the societies in the Arab world would eventually lead to the failure of the initiated reform processes.
Consequently, one of the most pressing tasks for the states of the MENA-region is to offer decent work opportunities and thus create social integration.

According to UN-ESCWA the MENA-region faces severe challenges in implementing steps towards a sustainable transition of its economies and societies.

So the question arises whether sustainable development and greening of the economy would be suitable for the creation of both green and decent jobs and the promotion of social integration.

To evaluate this question it is necessary to consider all stakeholders through an effective social dialogue.
Being in a transitional process, the countries of the MENA-region are currently in a position that allows them to pave the way for a truly sustainable development that is economically dynamic and creates jobs, socially equitable and inclusive and environmentally sustainable and responsible.

Regarding the UN conference for sustainable development (Rio+20) in June 2012, the seminar invites civil society representatives from all over the region to elaborate on the issue of necessary policies and to formulate common positions to be drafted and forwarded to the Rio conference.

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