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?New development paradigms: Viable alternatives to green economy
18 Jun 2012 - 7 Jun 2012
9:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Cupula dos Povos, Parque Flamengo, Religions for Rights central tent

The People?s Summit offers a unique opportunity to share and confront existing experiences and proposals for viable alternative development paradigms.

A number of organizations within the CIDSE network are engaged in reflection, critique and initiatives related to alternative paradigms (see our September 2011 interactive conference report People and Planet First ? Alternative Ideas about Development). These efforts are being undertaken together with people?s movements and civil society organizations with which we have longstanding relationships, as well as with research institutes and other faith-based and secular actors.

CIDSE wishes to join and bring together actors for change, across continents as well as across sectors (e.g. including academics, local governments, social enterprises if possible), for concrete and constructive discussions on viable proposals for alternative development paradigms related to:
? Sustainable development that respects human rights and ecological limits
? Alternative production and consumption models
? Sustainable, socially-oriented private sector and finance
? Alternative measures of human well-being beyond GDP growth
? People-based activism for social transformation

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