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Iguassu Iterei Centro de Referência do Movimento da Cidadania pelas Águas Florestas e Montanhas (ITEREI)
  • Date submitted: 1 Nov 2011
  • Stakeholder type: Major Group
  • Submission Document: Download
  • Additional Document:

Rio+20 Proposal

1. PES incentives for preservation for all natural mountain areas

2. Alert with dependence and addiction with compensation mechanisms

3. Support Sustainability based upon ecotourism, research, art, artcrafts, no polluent industries, agroecology and traditional mountain knowledge

4. Increase dialogue between government sectors, and government levels

5. Support a Stronger Civil Society

6. Increase inter‐institutional dialogue

7. Further institutionalization of participation instruments

8. Raise awareness of mountain issues on political agendas

9. Consolidate or create specific mountain initiatives where appropriate

10. Improve sustainable mobility and sustainable technology for infrastructure

11. Improve knowledge and information systems

12. Improve data on natural mountain disaster

13. Increase availability of academic and traditional knowledge for specific SMD purposes and decision makin

14. Coordinate research priorities for implementing SMD

15. Consolidate or create specific national or regional mountain initiatives

16. Research and monitoring of climate change adaptation mechanisms, especially with regard to water availability

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