Focal Point
Gordana Jovovic
Senior Adviser
Sustainable Development Office
Government of Montenegro

Ms. Anja Amidzic
Department of International Cooperation and Sustainable Development
Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism

Bosiljka Vukovic
Head of the Division for the Support to the National Council for Sustainable Development
Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
Government of Montenegro

Jovana Tomasevica bb
81000 Podgorica
Crna Gora
Tel: + 382 20 241 536
Fax: + 382 20 241 392
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Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in Montenegro
  • Eco-Tax
    In 2008 Montenegro introduced eco-taxes that bind legal and physical entities to pay yearly allowance for using road motor vehicles and their trailers.
  • National Strategy of Sustainable Development Action Plan
    In 2007 Montenegro adopted its National Strategy of Sustainable Development for the period of 2007-2012.
  • Regional Development Strategy
    At the strategic level, the Regional Development Strategy of Montenegro which was adopted in 2008, founds the reduction of regional differences within the country and increased employment on the basis of the concept of low-carbon development in all main branches of economy and envisages introduction of measures for encouraging private investments into green business and sectors.
Background papers/Position papers
  • National Strategy of Sustainable Development of Montenegro (2007)
Other documents
  • Budva Declaration
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