• Date: 16 Jun 2012
  • Time: 3:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Organizer: LEAD International
  • Theme: Sustainable cities
  • Perspective: Global
  • Language: english
  • See instructors

All SD-Learning courses will be held at Room T-7 at the Major Groups/Side events pavilion at the RioCentro Convention Center. More information can be found at our Logistics page.

Putting People First: Building Sustainable Cities with Communities

This interactive course from LEAD captures the learning and experience of three outstanding LEAD Fellows. Together they have over 30 years experience of working in sustainable cities around the world. What makes this course special is that each of the LEAD instructors works with different communities in a different context. One of their key messages is that seemingly different communities can have very similar needs and values.

The topic Sustainable Cities sits on the intersection of energy, water, transport, construction, food and waste. This course will cover all of these themes and more. Our main focus, however will be people: how to make the ?invisible people? visible; how to give back to displaced communities a ?sense of place?; and how to enable the type of collaborative decision-making that leads to the creation and ownership of sustainable communities. Sustainable communities are the building blocks of sustainable cities.

Participants will acquire a holistic view of local and global challenges in urban sustainable development. They will learn how to use a number of innovative tools and techniques for strengthening collaborative decision-making and making communities more resilient.
The course will impact upon the institutions, organisations, and communities where the participants live and work. The anticipated impact of the course will be the creation of an informal global network of people working in the area of sustainable cities. The availability of an online forum (supported by LEAD) will make it easier for participants to network going forward and to create a knowledge community.


Over half of the world?s population lives in towns or cities. It is predicted that this will i


This course has a number of formal and informal learning aims and o


LEAD is global network of cross-cultural, cross-sectoral sustainability practitioners who are committed to inspiring cha


LEAD?s blended approach to learning is based on 20 years of experience of working with cross cultural cross sectoral learners. LEAD?s methodology is learner centred, participato


First, the course will have

Instructor 1
Leonardo Martins Dias (Central Unica das Favelas (CUFA))
Leonardo has over eighteen years? experience of managing multilateral, multicultural and multifunction
Instructor 2
Dr A.H. de Wit (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
Anton is an associate of the UK based Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and lecturer in the Department of Geo
Instructor 3
John Lewis, RPP, MCIP, M.E.Des. (Intelligent Futures)
John is the President and Founder of Intelligent Futures. John?s approach brings together element
Instructor 4
Edward Kellow (LEAD International)
Edward has over ten years experience of managing learning and development programmes and activities in Africa, Asia Europe, and Latin America.

A qualified trainer and facilitator Edward specialises in designing and
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