• Date: 17 Jun 2012
  • Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
  • Organizer: mHealth Alliance/United Nations Foundation
  • Theme: Coordinating institutional work at national level and integrating the work of different sectors and ministers
  • Perspective: Global
  • Language: english
  • See instructors

All SD-Learning courses will be held at Room T-7 at the Major Groups/Side events pavilion at the RioCentro Convention Center. More information can be found at our Logistics page.

mHealth: Mobile Technologies to Improve Health

Health is an underlying aspect of the RIO +20 Conference, and the importance of investing in improving people?s health and their environment has been identified as a prerequisite to sustainable development.

In many places around the world, particularly in developing countries, public health and access to health services is limited by lack of facilities, trained personnel, and supplies among other health systems challenges. mHealth, the use of mobile technologies to improve health outcomes, can help mitigate some of the challenges these countries face. mHealth can provide cost-effective solutions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment support, supply chain management, adherence to medicine regimes, data collection, disaster management, and other health-related issues.

While mHealth programs have taken root in the majority of countries around the world, mechanisms that sustain their implementation have been lacking. This session will introduce participants to the field of mHealth and investigate methods for developing partnerships and fostering government leadership in mHealth at scale.


mHealth, the use of mo


The aims of this session are to brin


Introduction to mHealth (30 minutes)
This presentation will touch on the basics of mHealth: uses, global opportunity and landscape, valuable case studies, intersection with other mServices, and the challenges a


mHealth 101 will feature a variety of methodologies. The first section will be devoted to PowerPoint presentations and illustrative videos, demonstrations, and images that introduce the audience t


mHealth 101 is intended to introduce participants who may have limited knowledge or experience with mHealth to the basics. Participants will leave this session understanding the possibilities of mHealth, basic guidelines on how to

Instructor 1
Madhura Bhat (mHealth Alliance)
Deputy Director, mHealth Alliance
Instructor 2
Dayle Kern (Communications Officer, mHealth Alliance, United Nations Foundation )
Dayle Kern, MA, is the Communications Officer at the mHealth Alliance, which is hosted by the United Nations Foundatio
Instructor 3
Alain B. Labrique, PhD, MHS, MS, MACE (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Dr. Alain Labrique is an infectious disease epidemiologist with a background in molecular biology. Dr. La
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