Location: Barbados

Sectors: Sustainable energy: access, efficiency and renewables; Green industry, material efficiency and waste minimization; Sustainable Cities and Built Environment; Freshwater Resource Management and Sanitation;

By: Barbados

Type: National

Source: Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Barbados

Year: 2005

National Strategic Plan of Barbados
The National Strategic Plan (NSP) of Barbados 2005-2025 sets out Government?s main development agenda for the 20 year period 2005-2025. Goal four of the NSP is aimed at specifically of "Building a Green Economy: Strengthening the physical infrastructure and preserving the environment."

Goal Four of the National Strategic Plan of Barbados 2005?2025 requires the protection, preservation and enhancement of physical infrastructure, environment and scarce resources as Barbados seek to advance its social and economic development. Barbados pursues to find the right balance between its development and the preservation of its physical surroundings. Goal Four calls for access to adequate water and energy supplies, a good transportation system and the development and maintenance of sound infrastructure.
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