Location: Toronto, Canada

Sectors: Sustainable energy: access, efficiency and renewables; Sustainable Cities and Built Environment; Natural Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation;

By: Canada

Type: Local

Source: The ICLEI Case Study series

Year: 2009

Live Green Toronto
Live Green Toronto is a community-based program where proactive community members, volunteers and experts can channel their ideas into action. The goal is to provide the funding means and engagement events in order to raise awareness of local efforts and change the way people impact their communities.

Live Green Toronto was designed to help neighbourhoods and citizens reduce climate change impacts at the local level. Active participation, through a series of networking, educational, and funding opportunities for social and infrastructural projects, provide the means to achieve the program?s objectives. The foundation of Live Green Toronto is built on the range of institutional partnerships and person-to-person support offered by a group of what the City of Toronto calls ?community animators,? and the Live Green Toronto volunteers.
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