Location: Finland

Sectors: Sustainable Cities and Built Environment;

By: ENO Programme Association

Type: Global

Source: ENO Programme Association /ENO-verkkokoulun tuki ry

ENO Green Cities Network
A network of cities who assist schools in their environmental activities, especially tree planting campaigns.
Environment Online - ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. It was launched in 2000 and covers thousands of schools in 150 countries. Tree planting is the most popular activity and schools aim to plant 100 million trees by 2017. As many ENO schools are located in world cities or in their outskirts ENO Green Cities Network was launched in March 2012, as an initiative for Rio +20 Summit. Cities have to fill the following minimum criteria: * City is committed to offer areas, seedlings and assistance for tree planting (parks, forest areas) for schools every year, at least once in a year. There are two ENO Tree Planting Days annually that fall around 22nd of May and 21st of September. * City will take care that these areas will be safe and not constructed afterwards. * City will send a short report on tree planting area annually to ENO Programme. Cities are also encouraged to take part also to other ENO Campaigns and assist schools. Greenest Cities will get awards. MEMBERSHIP IN ENO GREEN CITIES NETWORK * is applied with an online application * is free, no fees * lasts four (4) years from the signature of agreement, also an option for a longer period Only city administration or representatives are eligible to apply (not teachers directly) DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS 1st round 1 Jan - 28 Feb 2012 2nd round: 1 Mar - 30 April 2012 3rd round: 1 May - 30 June 2012 2nd round: DATE FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW ENO GREEN CITIES: 22 May 2012 3rd round announcement: 21 Sep 2012 APPLY HERE:
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